C&C Wedding

Two long-time friends, Chris and Camille, tied the knot a few weeks ago.  These two beautiful, Christ-following people are definitely a couple I have seen the Lord working in and I was ecstatic the moment I heard about their engagement (more than a year ago, now).  I ended up taking the Friday before the wedding ceremony off as a travel day.  This was also Jocelyn's last weekend before starting work full-time, so it was a great way to end her "last summer"!

The Arrival

Jocelyn and I flew up to the Bay early Friday morning, hopped in a rental car, and headed in to San Francisco to meet with my super-cool cousin, Stephanie, and her son for lunch.  We met at a dim sum restraurant in Outer Sunset, which was apparently a frequent stop for Stephanie.  It had been a few years since I last hung out with her (which was before her son was born), so it was great catching up on life while enjoying scrumptious dim sum.  Afterwards Jocelyn and I headed over to Stephanie's apartment, dropped off our rental car, and hopped into Stephanie's SUV with her son cutely snoring in the backseat.  Stephanie had been wanting to check out a place called Kirby Cove, which is located north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Kirby Cove itself is actually a campground reachable via a dirt access road (only available to campers) or a short 25 minute walk.  Parking near the trail head was horrendous so Stephanie dropped Jocelyn and I off and she continued to search for parking.  Jocelyn and I hiked down in our slippers (per the usual) as Stephanie and her son strolled around near the trail head.  Below are some photos from the short adventure.

Afterwards, Jocelyn and I met up with two other friends in Palo Alto for dinner at a Burmese restaurant, Rangoon Ruby, which was a first for me.  We split the food family-style and then made our way to an ice cream shop, outside of which we ran in to one of our other college friends from SLO! What a small world.  A short while later, Jocelyn and I bid adieu and started the long and windy drive out to the YMCA camp a bunch of attendees and the wedding party were staying at.  Who needs hotels when you have cabins in the woods? 

For the most part, the weekend was a mini-reunion because many of the "young professionals" who attended were also part of Epic SLO's ministry back in our college days.  I suppose the term "young professional" is relative. Some have been working for five or more years and some less.  Saturday morning consists of breakfast, a short hike/walkaround, hammocking, and enjoying the wonderful mountain weather.  Chris and Camille's ceremony wasn't until mid-afternoon so the morning and early-afternoon was full of rest.

The Ceremony

Everyone staying at the cabins took a shuttle to the ceremony grounds, which was less than a 3-minute drive away.  More friends and family poured in to the camp ground/ceremony ground and smiles, hugs, and laughter were aplenty. Without going into too much detail about the specifics, below are some photos from the ceremony.

The Reception

After the ceremony, we boarded the shuttles again and returned to the camp for the reception, which was held in a hall on the property.  Below are some photos from the father-daughter and mother-son dances, and of course.... Chris and Camille Bandy!

Much love and prayer for this couple as they continue their journey together in marriage.  I look forward to hanging out with you two the next time I visit the bay.... which, at this rate, is once every two years.




This guy... man.  I am able to clearly recall the first moment I met this fine young man nearly five years ago at an Epic large group.  I was super stoked to have another Hawaii kid to hang around.  He was the second fellow Hawaiian to join the fellowship (a few more would come in and out through the next few years) and it has been a true joy to see him grow in his walk with the Lord.  Since then, we've had our share of fun including sparring (the very few times I tried to learn), food, Settlers, chillaxing, and of course talking about home in pidgin.

BJ and I finally had a chance to catch up a few weekends ago after a year of failed attempts.  I drove him out to Morro Strand State Beach and chatted for a few hours.  We paced along the shore... stopping to admire the beauty of Morro Rock... inhaling the breath of the salt sea... picking up the remains of sand dollars on the way.  We chatted about the ongoings of life... About him returning to Hawaii upon graduating from Poly in less than a week... about the struggles he has faced along the way... about what he looks forward to in HI and about what he will miss in CA.... about all the little things that God has taught him along the way.  It was a sweet time of reminiscing while also seeing how he has grown in the past few years.

Our walk-around-the-beach culminated in a very impromptu photoshoot this past Sunday.  We woke up bright and early Sunday morning and met at BlackHorse Espresso and Bakery on Foothill.  BJ was insistent on going to the beach so we headed out to Pismo just 15 minutes away.

We started at the pier.

And then we moved under the pier.

It was an overcast morning, so we hit the beach like true Hawaii folk.

And then headed to Cal Poly.

And then he brought out the flag.

What a day.

Congratulations, BJ!  I look forward to the day we meet again in Hawaii nei.



JSSK - Day 2 of a Crazy Weekend

The second day was a special day: a small shoot for Jocelyn, Shaina, Sarah and Karina.  You know... the more time goes by, the shorter the time between events tends to feel.  I notice this to be true as I reflect on the first moments I met each of them as freshmen, whilst now joyfully seeing them as seniors of their class.  Since then, a lot has changed.  Two of the four are sticking around for another year for various reasons.  One will be receiving her teaching credential and moving home to teach young kiddos English and life struggles, and the other will be starting a career in the Construction Management industry.... Woohoo!

First few key memories:

  • Having Shaina and Sarah over for dinner as freshmen (Loco Mocos cuz HA-Y-N) in exchange for a hand of bananas. Mmm... Bananas.
  • Jocelyn derping... Yeah nothing has changed.
  • Karina.... asking a billion questions as I washed dishes at ye olde Meatlocker (one of the ministry houses back in the day)...

Anyway, I started the day by picking up Jocelyn and Sarah on my way to campus on a wonderfully sunny Sunday morning.. Jocelyn had forgotten her hard hat at home so we doubled back to grab it.  Yes... CM folk wear hard hats instead of grad caps during Poly's graduation ceremony.  We arrived on campus and had to wait for a little bit for Shaina and Karina to arrive.  In the mean time, Jocelyn wanted to do some individual shots as Sarah had previously taken portraits with another photographer-friend.  So Jocelyn and I did just that.  Here's some of the fun.

Shaina and Karina arrived fashionably on time.  Our first stop was the rose garden off of California, which is quickly turning into my go-to spot on campus.  The next few hours were full of laughter and smiles.  Cloud cover was spotty but there was shade aplenty thanks to a few well-placed trellises and shade trees.

Afterwards, we decided to walk around the business building and surrounding area... and then headed over to the Cochett Education Building.  One of 'em reaaaaaally wanted to stop by the steps in the business building... and we did.  Ha.

Annnd... second to last, this gem of a spot near the architecture building.  Slats of dark grainy wood and beautiful people. Good times.

And then...

Congratulations Jocelyn, Shaina, Sarah and Karina!  I and many others have been blessed by your friendship over the past few years in SLO.  I'm excited to hear about the big things that will be taking place in your lives over the next few years, and more.

What was learned...

  • Shade shade shade shade shade...
  • Good friends = good photos...
  • 70-200mm f/2.8 is quickly becoming my favorite go-to lens for portraits, though I do enjoy using the 14-24mm f/2.8 for shots that include buildings as backdrops.



KVJCA - Day 1 of a Crazy Weekend

Day 1

Karina contacted me a week ago asking if I had the time to do a quick photoshoot for her and a few friends.  I agreed.  Because... why not :D?  She set me in contact with one of the other girls in her group, Jacqueline, and we settled on doing an afternoon shoot at Montana de Oro out past Los Osos, CA. 

We all met at Karina's apartment and started our journey to Montana de Oro.  I was fairly apprehensive about the shoot since we were shooting mid-day, but the photos came out okay. The girls went through a few outfit changes and I happily obliged by pacing around the beach.  After a few hours we tried to hit up Laguna Lake Park, but it was extremely windy inland.  We decided to head towards campus and ended our time together there. :)

It was a long day... Prepare for a wall of photos.

What was learned... (or rather, reinforced)

  • Mid-day shoots are hard.
  • Dealing with highly contrasting clothing and backgrounds are difficult... Challenging but rewarding under circumstances.