Luke, James, and Chris asked me to do some of their graduation photos.

I wrote a blog post about them last night, but technology went whack and the post was deleted. :'(. Therefore, this one will feature less words and more pictures since I don't have a lot of time today and want to push them out. We have a lot of food tonight at our house, so come on over if you want to celebrate the end of the year :]. No, I'm not putting the address up here.

The Really Big Sign

Our first stop was the gigantanormous California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo sign right off of Grand and Slack. We parked not too far away, thankfully, all the while dodging students driving riskily on the way to take their last finals of the year.

Passerbys in their fancy motorized vehicles (think, Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf) whistled and yelled in congratulations to these three men. We laughed and cheered back. A woman and, I think, her daughter drove up next to us and took a picture with the sign. No, the guys didn't take a picture with her/them. We didn't mind as we were not in a hurry. I think one of them was wearing pink...

Afterwards, we moved on to the Business Building... the Orfalea College of Business. Pronounced, "or-fail-yah". Just kidding.


The Rose Garden, Again. Part 3. Sigh.

Chris recreated his drivers license photo, albeit with much higher quality. He should tell CalDMV to this photo instead of his old one when renewing his license in a few years. Haha... I crack no one up.


In ending, I'll definitely miss these guys next year. This past year would not have been the same without them (as cliché as it is). I'm looking forward to hearing about the experiences that they'll be going through over the next couple of months, and beyond. Best wishes, friends.

What Was Learned

  • I'm sad.
    • This especially applies to things you don't save frequently