Day 1

Karina contacted me a week ago asking if I had the time to do a quick photoshoot for her and a few friends.  I agreed.  Because... why not :D?  She set me in contact with one of the other girls in her group, Jacqueline, and we settled on doing an afternoon shoot at Montana de Oro out past Los Osos, CA. 

We all met at Karina's apartment and started our journey to Montana de Oro.  I was fairly apprehensive about the shoot since we were shooting mid-day, but the photos came out okay. The girls went through a few outfit changes and I happily obliged by pacing around the beach.  After a few hours we tried to hit up Laguna Lake Park, but it was extremely windy inland.  We decided to head towards campus and ended our time together there. :)

It was a long day... Prepare for a wall of photos.

What was learned... (or rather, reinforced)

  • Mid-day shoots are hard.
  • Dealing with highly contrasting clothing and backgrounds are difficult... Challenging but rewarding under circumstances.