This guy... man.  I am able to clearly recall the first moment I met this fine young man nearly five years ago at an Epic large group.  I was super stoked to have another Hawaii kid to hang around.  He was the second fellow Hawaiian to join the fellowship (a few more would come in and out through the next few years) and it has been a true joy to see him grow in his walk with the Lord.  Since then, we've had our share of fun including sparring (the very few times I tried to learn), food, Settlers, chillaxing, and of course talking about home in pidgin.

BJ and I finally had a chance to catch up a few weekends ago after a year of failed attempts.  I drove him out to Morro Strand State Beach and chatted for a few hours.  We paced along the shore... stopping to admire the beauty of Morro Rock... inhaling the breath of the salt sea... picking up the remains of sand dollars on the way.  We chatted about the ongoings of life... About him returning to Hawaii upon graduating from Poly in less than a week... about the struggles he has faced along the way... about what he looks forward to in HI and about what he will miss in CA.... about all the little things that God has taught him along the way.  It was a sweet time of reminiscing while also seeing how he has grown in the past few years.

Our walk-around-the-beach culminated in a very impromptu photoshoot this past Sunday.  We woke up bright and early Sunday morning and met at BlackHorse Espresso and Bakery on Foothill.  BJ was insistent on going to the beach so we headed out to Pismo just 15 minutes away.

We started at the pier.

And then we moved under the pier.

It was an overcast morning, so we hit the beach like true Hawaii folk.

And then headed to Cal Poly.

And then he brought out the flag.

What a day.

Congratulations, BJ!  I look forward to the day we meet again in Hawaii nei.