There is something special about shooting couples.  Just a few days before graduation, I was asked to do a quick session for Oliva and Josh. This encounter took place a few days after a previous mind-numbing shoot with Josh, Matt, and Tony that I will never forget.

The Field

I took my camera bag to work and drove straight to campus around 5:30 p.m. Josh and Olivia found their way behind me as we headed to the WOW-O-Rama fields. Thankfully, the air didn't smell like cow dung as it normally does in the spring.  We chatted a little after exiting our cars and started walking.

Our first stop was the baseball field; Josh's home turf. Olivia and Josh wore matching long sleeve tees. Josh had brought a baseball glove and baseball, but had forgotten a baseball bat and a guitar. Tsk tsk. We started off fairly confused and unorganized. However, we got our footing after a short while. Josh and Oliva were good sports and kept up conversation and told many stories throughout the duration of the shoot. THEY'RE SO CUTE. CUT. CU. Copper.

After playing around a little on the field, we stopped at the "dugout". I don't know if it's really a dugout. It was just a bench behind a fence. You could call it a "fench". Olivia and Josh are amazing individuals, and an equally lovely couple. Josh just walked on Saturday and will be receiving his B.S. in Mathematics. Olivia also just recently graduated from Cal Poly with a B.A. in Graphic Design. I'm excited to see them again after the summer as both have a few more months before (probably?) moving out of SLO. Perhaps we'll go on a double date; Josh and I with Olivia and Jocelyn. Ha!

The Garden

After the baseball field, we ventured off into the wilderness otherwise known as the Leaning Pine Arboretum. One of them wondered if I had heard of the "Kool-Aid" story. I hadn't, so they went on to explain one of the first events that lead up to their relationship. Let's just say this one dealt with grape flavored Kool-Aid, Olivia's general dislike of Kool-Aid and pure sugar drinks, and Josh drinking a lot of sugar-water.

Overall, it has been a really cool experience seeing Josh and Olivia's relationship develop. A long time ago, a few of the other guys would troll Josh for liking Olivia. I am sure he was prodded and poked by many... but all in good favor. Then, after a long while and (I am sure) much consideration, many heard some good news :). All relationships are dynamic. It will be interesting to see the factors they will have to overcome as they proceed into the post-graduate stage of life.  I wish nothing but the best for both of these spectacular individuals.

I've had a good handful of in-depth conversations with Josh. As such, I've always left them wishing we had more time to converse. Our conversations are always genuine... one aspect I admire about his unique personality. He very much has his heart set on God and the people around him, and has definitely positively impacted my life and the many others whom he comes in contact with. Sadly, I've never truly talked with Olivia except on occasion where our paths cross. However, I've heard many tales and stories about the love she has for other people, what she does, and of course, God. In truth, I believe them by the way Olivia carries herself.

Congratulations to Olivia and Josh on their graduation and academic achievement. Your friendship(s) in SLO will be sorely missed (after Fall quarter, of course). Thank you for all the work you've put in to develop the community around you. And with that, I must bid you adieu and farewell. God speed. (Well, see you in a couple months.)

What Was Learned

  • Couples can carry conversations
  • Tell subjects to "laugh". They'll laugh awkwardly, then probably actually laugh. Trigger fingers get to work then.
  • Olivia can carry Josh, and Josh can carry Olivia, but Josh probably can't squat Olivia (should work on that)
  • The Kool-Aid man breaks down walls. Figuratively.
  • Sunflares are fun to work with, when the sun is less than 30 degrees above the horizon